Runner's Up Finds & Miscellaneous
From our June & July meetings

June Meeting
Runners Up Tray

Above Photo - some of the runners up finds from our June meeting


Some Close Ups

Victorian Period Clay Pipe
Found by Jose Thomas, this find actually commemorates
Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee of 1887. Nice find Jose.


Silver Denarius of Carausius
In Britain A.D. 286-7 to 93

This exciting find was found by Phil Jenkins within Pembrokeshire!
It has been identified by Ed Besley (National Museum of Wales)
The Obverse bears IMP CARAVSIVS P F AVG
The Reverse bears CONCORDIA MILITVM (clasped hands)
The coin may have been minted in London


June Club Search
A much appreciated club search for the club. Many thanks to Phil Jenkins
and Jack Tree for arranging it, and of course to the landowner for making
it possible. The weather was very kind to us on the day, with some sunshine
and only one or two showers of rain. The usual run of the mill copper coins,
buttons and buckles were found, including a battered & worn Elizabeth I groat.





July Meeting
Runners Up Tray

Above Photo - some of the runners up finds from our July meeting


Some Close Ups


Early Medieval Spindle Whorl
An early medieval spindle whorl, found by club member
Pearl Tree. Although the photo does not show, the spindle
whorl has some interesting traces of decoration on its surface.



16th or 17th Century Silver Posey Ring
Found by club member Kevin Higgs. We have a silver posey ring,
circa 16th - 17th century. The ring is decorated and has remains of
coloured enamel cells still visible on it. There is a striking inscription
on the inside of the ring in capital letters: FEARE ' GOD ' ONLI
This is a truly excellent find as you can see from the below photographs.
The ring has now been reported to the Coroner as possible treasure.
Congratulations to Kevin on such a good find!




And Finally

Our Club Raffle
I came away from our July meeting "stunned" by the beautiful raffle
prize that I was lucky enough to have won (see the below photo). It is
a hand crafted copy of a medieval silver ring brooch, and was made &
donated for our monthly club raffle by our extremely talented and gifted
club member Adrian Young. The craftsmanship of this silver ring brooch
is amazing. The brooch will now be going into my wife's display cabinet,
in the best room of our house for all to see (move over Royal Doulton!!).
All I can say is thank you Adrian for all the work you do in creating these
fine pieces of jewellery. Many thanks again from me and all the club.


Look at this!
Replica 15th Century Executioners Axe

Again a piece of workmanship from Adrian Young. An amazing
thing to look at - unless your name is Anne Boleyn of course.

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