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April & May 2014 Meetings

April 2014 Meeting - Runners Up Finds Tray


Above finds from left to right: Costume Jewellery - Phil Jenkins, Elizabeth I crooked sixpence love token - Adrian Young, George III (1782) Irish
Halfpenny - Gary White, Edward I Penny 1307 - Ted Owens, Edward I Bury St Edmunds penny - John Rees, Henry III longcross penny - Kevin Higgs,
The masters wine key - Ted Owens, 18th Cent silver shoe buckle - Phil Jenkins, George V sixpence dated 1914 - Phil Jenkins


A Few Close Ups


Edward I Penny 1307.............................Edward I Penny Bury St Edmunds Mint

Finder: Ted Owens...............................................Finder: John Rees...................





Henry III (1247-1272) Long Cross Penny

Finder: Kevin Higgs




George III Irish Halfpenny Dated 1782

Finder: Gary White






May 2014 Meeting - Runners Up Finds Tray

Above: From left to right. Elizabeth I penny (London Mint) - Jack Tree, Edward III Halfgroat - Steve Richards, George III 1799
Twopence - Ted Owens, Modern Token issued by Readers Digest - Phil Jenkins, Headless Lead Soldier - Kevin Higgs,
Elizabeth I (1565) Sixpence - Leslie Williamson, 1861 Victoria Penny - Steve Saunders, Victoria Florin 1894 - Phil Jenkins


Runners Up Finds Close Ups

or as one club member put it :-
" They should have gone to Spec
savers! "



Elizabeth I Penny
London Mint of Sixth Issue 1582-1600

Finder: Jack Tree






Edward III (1327-77) Halfgroat
Edward III fourth coinage (1351-77) halfgroat
from the pre-treaty period. London Mint.

Finder: Steve Richards




Interesting Club Member Find

Double Patard of Charles The Bold Duke of Bergundy 1467-1477

When this hammered was found the finder put it in his pocket thinking it was
probably a Lizy sixpence. However as often happens, when you get home and wash
the dirt off you get a suprize. I know that a lot of spanish hammered coins get found
on a regular basis by Pembs Prospectors, but this coin is of the Duke of Bergundy.
On the Obverse: is the Quartered Shield of Arms, and on the Reverse: is an Ornate
Cross Fleury. How was this coin found in a Pembroke field you wonder? In 1469 an
agreement was made between Edward IV and Charles the Bold and they became
allies. As a result the Double Patard was made legal tender in England and Wales
and remained so for sixty years afterwards. It circulated as an exact equivalent to
a groat until 1530.



Displaying Finds

One good thing about joining a club like the Pembrokeshire Prospectors Society, is that you often see
other members finds and in particular, you see what other members have done to display their finds.
What impressed me greatly was seeing finds placed inside a display case. There was a time when
my best finds were kept inside tins and boxes within tins. All "my good" finds were mixed up with the
"not so good" finds. When this happens (and I think this happens to most detectorists) it is sad. You dig up
something that was lost for 500 years and then you lose it again inside boxes and tins kept under the bed!
Displaying my finds was something I just had to do. Some club members are gifted with carpentry skills and
have made their own display cases, but not all of us are good with a hammer and chisel. Anyway whilst being
dragged around the shops in Carmarthen by my wife, I spotted
some nicely sized display cases in The Range
Home & Leisure (SA31 2BN)
. They are deep box frame 37x37cm and cost me £12.99. They are just perfect
for displaying one's finds. So far I have used these cases to produce a Post Medieval display (the one shown
below) and I have just finished doing three other display cases showing my various Medieval finds. I am now
hoping to obtain a couple more of these cases to do up a Georgian Display and a Victorian Display.



The finds are firmly secured into place using pins and double sided tape. Some of my descriptions and photos which
I use to label up my finds, are taken from the actual PAS reports that Mark Lodwick (FLO) has given to me after
my finds were recorded by him.



The Finished Display Case







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