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Pembrokeshire Prospectors Society
Charity Open Day
Saturday 10th June 2017
Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Club



All money from teas, cakes and donations, on the day in Support of the Charity Headway




A Few Open Day Photos
Note: more photos can be seen on our facebook page


Above: Pembs Prospectors member Kevin Higgs talking to visitors about his finds. Kevin is one of
the club's most prolific detectorists and over the years, has found some stunning finds. Kevin put on a
fine display of artefacts and coins covering the Bronze Age, Roman to Medieval and Post Medieval.




Above: Veteran club member Trevor Davies looking startled by my camera flash! Trevor put on an excellent display of
metal detecting finds, including clay pipes, stoneware bottles and a visually stunning collection of antique pot lids, all dug
up by Trevor in his younger prospecting days when the club actually had a bottle collecting section. Trevor has been a member
of the club for well over 30 years and has served as club Chairman many times. He is one of our most experienced members.




Above: Pembs Prospectors Society club Chairman Mr Jack Tree seen making last minute preparations to his "superb" display of metal detecting finds.
Jack's display consists of finds discovered by himself, in a career spanning over 30 years metal detecting, and as our visitors probably found out at our
open day, he has many interesting stories and tales to tell about his many detecting finds. Jack is one of the most knowledgable people in our club on metal
detecting. If you have a question concerning Detecting Rules, Conduct, Regulations, Methods, Research, Finds Identification and much more.... ask Jack.




Above: View of some of Jack Tree's Collection of finds. Note the 17thC cannonball in the centre, which Jack found in the mud of Pembroke River !





Above: Club member and legend Mr Adrian Young seen putting final touches to his amazing display of finds. Like Chairman Jack Tree
and Trevor Davies, Adrian is part of the Pembs Prospectors Society "Old School" and has over 30 years of vast metal detecting experience.
As one admiring club member put it, " he could put on the display on all on his own ! " Adrian is a Master Craftsman and Expert on Ancient to
Post Medieval Jewellery, and spends much of his time helping club members identify their finds at our monthly meetings, especially when it involves
finds of old jewellery. Adrian often uses his fantastic craftsman skills to unbend bent hammered silver coins and artefacts for grateful club members.





Above: Another view of Adrian's visually stunning display.





Above: Club member Kevin Higgs chatting about some of his Roman finds





Above: photo taken just before the doors opened to the public. Some club members seen looking at each others displays.



Short Video of our Charity Open Day - Click on Below Link








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