Rules and Constitution


Aims and Ambitions

1. The members of the Society will be persons normally resident in Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire
or Cardiganshire (but at the Members discretion persons from other areas will be accepted), all however
must be interested in metal detecting, and associated activities.

2. The Society will provide the opportunity for exchange of information and opinions.

3. The Society will arrange expeditions and projects.

4. The Society will endeavour to improve the image of metal detecting, and will uphold
the highest standards of conduct.

5. The Society will encourage interest in Pembrokeshire and its history.

6. The Society will encourage all matters that are of mutual interest and benefit.

7. The members will be encouraged to study, label and preserve their own collections.

Rules of Membership

1. The Society will have a membership of persons over the age of 16 years.

2. (a) Persons under 16 will only be accepted if sponsored by an adult member.
(b) That the age when a Junior Member becomes a senior be fixed at 16 years;
Full Membership Fee to be paid in the January following the existing members
16th Birthday.

3. (a) All New Would-be Members to be vetted by Officers and must attend 2 meetings
before being accepted.
(b) A membership fee is payable, this fee to be fixed at the A.G.M. annually. The 2017
Annual Fee is £12-00. Membership Cards to be numbered.
(c) Current members must pay their renewal subscriptions by & including the
February meeting or deemed to be lapsed members and Barred from entering Find
of the Month Competitions and Club Searches.
(d) Pembrokeshire Prospectors Club Members MUST join the Haverfordwest Cricket
Club to attend the Prospectors Club Meetings on their premises to comply with the
Cricket Club Registered Licence & Rules. A list of members names to be sent to the
Cricket Club.

4. (a) A committee elected by the members and consisting of The Chairman, Secretary
and Treasurer to administer the Society. To tighten up financial procedures, and for
accountability, two out of these three to be the Authorised Signatories on all
Pembrokeshire Prospectors Society`s Cheques issued.
(b) The newly-elected Vice Chairman to sit at the Top Table to assist the Chairman &
Secretary with the Find of the Month Competition, and that the Vice-Chairman be
automatically asked to stand as Chairman the following year.
(c) The Chairman not to be up for re-election for 12 months after the AGM.
(d) The Web-Site Officer to be paid £26-00 per annum
(e) The Club Search Officer to be paid £26-00 per annum.
(f) The Secretary to be paid £100-00 Expenses per annum.
(g) A Membership Secretary to be appointed at the AGM

5. The Society will hold regular meetings, and one annual general meeting per year.

6. The chairman will have discretion to vary the start time between 7.30 and 8pm
according to the agenda items, also to vary the order of the agenda.

7. The Society shall adopt such rules as are considered necessary for the benefit of the

8. Membership will be capped at 60 members, and an application form to vet
prospective members be used. Membership shall be terminated, or refused at the
discretion of the membership.

9. The members will abide by the Code of Conduct, and the Country Code.
That any Members not filling in holes properly on a Club Search either on land, beach,
or fore-shore, to be given a verbal warning by an Officer of the Club. After 2 verbal
warnings, a written warning to be issued if offending for the third time. All warnings
to be to be recorded and reported at the next meeting. Membership to vote on
expulsion if written warning has to be given.

10. All persons engaged in Society activities MUST be paid up members or honorary life
members with full voting rights as if a paid up member.
(a) Visitors from other clubs can participate in the society`s activities as long as they
can prove they are N.C.M.D.or F.I.D members.
(b) Guests can attend no more than 3 meetings a year, and apply for membership in
that time if they want to.
(c) As the Club is affiliated to and covered by NCMD on Club Events, it is not
essential for Members to belong to FID. or NCMD.


11. Any activity arranged by the Society, and any permission for search granted to the
Society, will be designated an official Society activity.

12. Any designated Society activity shall be carried out under the leadership of an appointed
(a) Pen and paper to be put in a plastic bag for members to sign in on club searches.
(b) A Fee of £2-00 will be levied per Search
(c) Start And finish times to be agreed. A steward to be appointed for the day.
(d) To have 6 Land Searches & 6 foreshore/estuary club Searches per year.
(e) The Club Search Land Owners to be given a bottle on day of Club Search instead of

13 (a) No individual member shall take advantage in any way of any site, or activity
designated as a Society site until such a site is derestricted.
(b) A motion to de-restrict a site shall be proposed and seconded at an ordinary monthly
meeting and debated at the next monthly meeting.
(c) A member inviting a club search on land he/she has permission to search, will not be
designating that land as Society land.

14. Regarding Rights of ownership to any finds:-
The Land-Owners on Club Searches should be made aware of Finds made, and so come
to an agreement on ownership. Finds on Club Searches to be split 50/50 between the
searcher and the Land-owner. For any finds by a member on an invited site worth over
£1,000 to be split:- 50% to Land-owner, 25% to Finder, and 25% to person who made the
site available. Artefact to be valued by independent Valuer if necessary.

15. No information regarding the activities of the Society on sites, or the whereabouts or
products of such sites will be given to any persons outside the Society without the
express approval of the membership.

16. On any organized Out of Pembrokeshire Detecting Rallies No Coach to be Hired until the
full amount of non-returnable money from the members who are going, is given to the


17. The Find of the Month Competitions will run from December to the following
November, and the Financial Year will run from January to December.

18. All entries for the Finds of the Month competition must have been found by the entrant
whilst using a metal detector, and be wholly or mainly made of metal. Entries must be:-
(a) Any coin or artefact which in the opinion of the committee needs verification can be
withheld and sent to the National Museum of Wale Cardiff, or any other appropriate museum.
When positive identification has been established, then it can be entered in the competition in
the month in which it is returned.
(b) Any contemporary forged copper or silver Tokens and Coins go into the Coin Category.
(c) Love Tokens to go into Ancient Artefacts.
(d) The Club to display a small finds table or tray for members Finds that are not to
Be entered into “The Find of the Month” Competition, for identification and interest.

19. Finds outside Pembrokeshire can only be entered in the category of the same
name, similarly finds made on a club search should only be entered in the club search
category. The only exception to this rule is for the finding and entry of a Hoard.

20. The Find of the Year Competition to be judged at the November meeting by a person
unconnected with the P.P.S., but who has connections with the hobby of metal detecting.

21. Any entry in the Find of the Year Competition can be substituted by a line drawing or a

22. (a) An Annual Cup to be awarded at the Find of the Year Presentation Evening for the
Member who has won the most Find of the Month winning Certificates.
(b) Finds of the Year Trophies to be awarded at the December Social Evening
(c) To Have a Christmas Meal and Quiz at the December Annual Presentation Evening

23. An Attendance Record to be kept of monthly Club meetings. Book to be provided for
Members and Guests to sign.

24. A Hospitality Fund held by the Treasurer should be available for the Chairman to
entertain visiting Guests.

25. All Procedural matters agreed at A.G.M.s should be recorded on a separate list to be
handed to new Officers on Election.

26. That the Club Purchases a “Speak-Easy” Loud Speaker for meetings.


(27) If Pembrokeshire Prospectors Society ceases to exist, after any debts are paid off, any
money left should be divided between the local charities that the club currently
supports. The club should not close with a deficit because of the proposed amendment
that more than one signature be required on Society`s cheques. Any perpetual cups or
trophies should be offered to Haverfordwest Museum on permanent loan until such
time that the Club should be reformed.

Find of the Month Competition.

1. Ancient Artefacts:
2. Coins pre 1649
3. Coins 1649 onwards
4. Modern Finds (Victoria) onwards
5. Finds Outside Pembrokeshire
6. Club Search
7. Hoards - must comprise of three or more pre decimal coins or two or
more artefacts.
The member who receives the most votes in each category will receive a certificate for the Find of the Month
Winner and so be eligible to enter into The Find of the Year competition.

Pembrokeshire Prospectors Code of Conduct

1. Do not trespass.
2 Remember it is illegal to use a detector on any protected site, unless
permission has been obtained from the appropriate Secretary of State
or designated Authority. A protected place is defined in the Ancient
Monuments and Archaeological Areas Act 1979.
3. Help to keep the area tidy, take away all junk that you dig and place in
a litterbin.
4. Do not leave a mess, do not leave any holes, and replace any divots.
5. Report any finds to the landowner.
6. If you find any live ammunition, mark the spot carefully, and report at
once to the police.
7. Learn the laws of the Treasure Act.
8. Respect the Country Code, close all gates, avoid damage to crops, do
not disturb any animals.
9. Remember when you are out detecting you are an ambassador for the
P.P.S. and the hobby, do nothing that may give the Society a bad name.
10. Be friendly to those who show an interest in detecting, tell them about the
Society and the Hobby.







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