November 2015 - Finds of The Month







1. Medieval "Kings Head" Mount/Stud - Kevin Higgs

COINS - PRE 1685
1. Edward I (1272-1307) Penny - Phil Jenkins

Queen Juliana Netherlands Silver Guilder 1962 - Tim Beynon

1. 18ct Gold Victorian Finger Ring - Trevor Davies

1. George III (1760-1820) Silver Threepence dated 1763 - Ken Lunn

1. Gold Finger Ring (Beach Find) - Jimmy Milne

1. No Entries



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Ancient Artefacts Category

Medieval "Kings Head" Mount or Stud

Finder - Kevin Higgs

A complete cast copper alloy anthromorphic mount or stud of Medieval period dating (1200 to 1450 AD).
The mount is mid to dark green in colour, with an even surface patina. Similar 'King's Head / Crowned Head
studs can be seen on the PAS database. From their style they may date later medieval 13th to early 15th centuries.
This mount is possibly from a personal item, such as a stud from a leather belt. Kevin has been very efficient and he
has already reported his find to Mark Lodwick, FLO, National Museum of Wales, and Mark is at present in the process
of recording it. The find has greatly interested Mark and he has even asked Kevin if he would consider donating it to
the National Museum of Wales, so it can be included in their medieval collection. Congratulations to Kevin - Nice find!







Coins - Pre 1685 Category

Edward I (1272-1307) Silver Penny
Canterbury Mint

Finder - Phil Jenkins







Coins - Post 1685 Category

Queen Juliana of the Netherlands
Two & a Half Silver Guilder
Dated 1962

Finder - Tim Beynon








Club Search Category

Gold Finger Ring

This beautiful gold ring, set with a fine looking stone,
was found at our recent club search on Tenby beach.
Well done to the finder - did someone say it was Victorian?

Finder - Jimmy Milne







Finds Outside of Pembrokeshire Category

George III (1760-1820) Silver 3d

A superb looking coin with lots of fine detail, found outside of Pembs.

Finder - Ken Lunn






Modern Finds Category

18 Carat Victorian Gold Finger Ring
Bearing a hallmark for 1866

Found not on a beach, but in a field!

Finder - Trevor Davies







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