April 2013 - Winning Finds of The Month

Above photo:
Left to Right: Pembroke Yeomanry Button - Jose Thomas, Bronze Age Flat Axe - Phil Jenkins, Constantine I
AE3 - Ken Allen, Richard III Silver Penny - Trevor Davies, James I Sixpence - Jimmy Milne, George V Penny - Trevor Davies

Some Close Ups




Ancient Artefacts Category

Early Bronze Age Flat Axe Head Circa 2500 BC

Finder - Phil Jenkins





Coins pre-1685 Category

Richard III (1483-1485) Silver Penny

Finder - Trevor Davies






Modern Finds (Victoria Onwards) Category

Pembroke Yeomanry Button Circa 1880
The Pembroke Yeomanry was formed by Lord Milford
in 1794 and as a cavalry unit, won battle honours during
the Invasion of Fishguard during February 1797

Finder - Jose Thomas




Club Search Category

James I (1603 - 1625) Sixpence Dated 1604

Finder - Jimmy Milne






Coins 1685 Onwards Category

George V Bronze Penny Dated 1918

Finder - Trevor Davies





Finds Outside Pembrokeshire Category

Roman AE3 Coin of Constantine I (The Great) (307-337AD)

Roman bronze of Contsantine I (Issue Date 330-335AD) (Mint - uncertain)
Obverse: CONSTANTINVS MAX AVG rosette - diademed draped and
cuirrassed bust facing right. Reverse: GLORIA EXERCITVS two soldiers
standing facing one another, holding spear in outer hand, inner hand
resting on shield set on the ground. Between them two standards.

Finder - Ken Allen






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