December 2012
Finds of the Month Winners

Above Photo: Left to Right: Edward III Groat - Jack Tree, Surgical boot for a cloven hoof - Phil Jenkins,
Edwardian Shoe Buckle Plate - Phil Jenkins, William III Shilling - Jack Tree, Medieval Silver Brooch
Buckle - Steve Richards and Roman Bronze coin of Emperor Constans - Kevin Higgs


Ancient Artefacts Category
Medieval Silver Brooch Buckle
Circa 13th to 14th Century

Found by Steve Richards, a silver annular medieval brooch buckle of the type without
a pin constriction. The brooch is small with a diameter of 19mm and is of very delicate
construction. Amazingly the pin itself has decoration running down it on both sides and
the surface of the ring section also has traces of surface decoration or possibly gilding.
Steve will now be passing the ring brooch to Marion Page MA (Dyfed Archaeological Trust),
at our next meeting, from where it will begin its long journey through the Treasure Act process



Coins Pre 1685 Category
Edward III (1327-1377) Silver Groat
A London mint Edward III silver groat found by Jack Tree. The groat is of coinage
type E series,
of the pre-treaty period and was minted beteween 1354 and 1355.


Coins 1685 Onwards Category
William III (1694-1702) Silver Shilling Dated 1697
Found by Jack Tree. Note: The E below the king's bust - for Exeter Mint.


Finds Outside of Pembrokeshire Category
Roman Bronze of Constans (337-358)
Found by Kevin Higgs while detecting in Wiltshire


Modern Finds (Victoria onwards) Category
Edwardian Shoe Buckle Plate Circa 1901-1910
Found by Phil Jenkins




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