Finds of the Month - July 2013
Winning Entries

Above picture from left to right: James I Sixpence - Chris Holmes, Silver Love Token - Adrian Young, Spectacle Buckle - Trevor Davies,
Decorated Silver Thimble - Jack Tree, 19th Century Toy Cannon - Phil Jenkins, George IV Silver Shilling - Adrian Young

Some Close Ups

Coins Pre - 1685 Category

James I (1603 - 1625) Irish Harp Sixpence
Second Coinage Silver Sixpence with Bell Mintmark

Finder - Chris Holmes




Ancient Artefacts Category

Personalised Silver Love Token
Circa 17th to 18th Century

It has been engraved with a large letter W and
a heart shaped symbol. There are also the letters
SL under which is a number 17. Her age perhaps?

Finder - Adrian Young



Coins 1685 Onwards Category

Prince Regent - George IV (1820 - 1830)
Silver Shilling Dated 1825

Finder - Adrian Young



Modern Finds Category

Toy Cannon
Circa 19th Century

A toy cannon made from copper alloy. The cannon has
been cast in one piece. Although play-things for children,
cannons of this type were designed to be fired, and were
potentially quite dangerous. They used a small charge of
gunpowder and were loaded with a suitably sized small
lead projectile (ie) in the form of miniature cannon balls

.Finder - Phil Jenkins



Club Search Category

Spectacle Buckle
Copper Alloy Circa 1550 to 1650

Finder - Trevor Davies


Finds Outside of Pembrokeshire


Decorated Silver Thimble
Circa 1700's

Finder - Jack Tree










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