March 2013 - Winning Finds of The Month


Above picture:
From Left to Right: 19thC Gold watch winder - Ken Lunn, Viking silver arm-ring - Trevor Davies,
Queen Victoria 4d - Trevor Davies, Edward I long cross silver penny - Kevin Higgs, George V Bronze penny - Jack Tree

Some Close Ups



Ancient Artefacts Category
Viking Silver Arm-Ring 850-950AD

Finder: Trevor Davies

Decorated silver arm-ring fragment. The distinctive punch decoration signals that it is of Viking in origin.
This style of arm-ring was produced by Norse settlers in Dublin during the late 9th and early 10th centuries.
Arm-rings of a similar style were found in the Cuerdale Hoard (discovered in 1840 on the River Ribble near
Preston in Lancashire) that is believed to have been buried some time shortly after the Vikings were expelled from
Dublin in AD 902. Another famous hoard containing arm-rings is the Huxley Hoard, and dates from the same period.
The hoard may have been buried for safekeeping by Viking refugees arriving from across the Irish Seas
and settling in Cheshire and the Wirral. Or, as has been argued, the cache was the prize of a band of Viking raiders
plundering this area of the coast, who buried it intending to retrieve it at a later stage. It may be that Trevor's
arm-ring fragment represents hack-silver, either intended to be melted down and reused, or to be traded as
bullion. A find like this arm-band, is indicative that there was possibly Viking trade going on in Pembrokeshire!


Below picture: Viking arm-rings from the Huxley Hoard



Coins pre-1685 Category
Edward I (1272-1307) silver long cross penny

Finder - Kevin Higgs

Well spread example of an Edward I Penny of London mint found by Kevin Higgs






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