November 2013 - Winning Finds of the Month

Above tray photograph: from left to right: George II Halfpenny (Club Search Find) - Alan Grice, Edward II Halfpenny (Finds Outside Pembrokeshire) - Kevin Higgs,
. ID Tag with Hologram of Baby Lucas - NOTE: THIS IS AN ERROR. Should be Piglet Figure (Modern Finds) - Greg Dyson
Silver Gilt Finger Ring circa 14th Century - Phil Jenkins, Henry VIII Groat - Paul Williams, Victoria Silver Three Pence Dated 1838 - Mark Goffin



Apologies for not all the finds being shown below
limited time for photos to be taken - judging of finds night




Ancient Artefacts Category

Medieval Silver Gilt Finger Ring Circa 14th Century

Finder - Phil Jenkins

Silver gilt finger ring with Lombardic style script, in Latin, on the outer
band of the ring. This is very possibly a religious inscription of some kind,
(eg) Ihesus Nazerenus Rex Indeorum (Jesus of Nazereth King of the Jews)
The ring has been deposited with Marion Page for PAS recording and will likely
begin its journey through the Treasure Act process via National Museum of Wales




Coins pre-1685 Category

Henry VIII (1509 - 1547) Silver Groat
2nd Coinage Issue (1526 - 1544) of London Mint

Finder - Paul Williams



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